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Interminable fear


I awoke, my mind still racing about the breaking TV news I had witnessed prior to dozing off. AN ESCAPED KILLER ON THE LOOSE, within close proximity of my village. The demonic yet familiar look in his eyes haunted me. It was still a freshly painted picture in my head, shimmering stalactites in the caverns of my mind. How much time had passed since I was first made aware of the news? My perception of time was as blurred and foggy as wearing someone else’s prescription glasses on a misty day. 


I sat up, anxiety buzzing through my body like a busy swarm of bees. 

My first instinct, driven by paranoia, was to do a brief search of my home, but my ability to do so was swiftly depleted as every slight form of electricity abruptly cut out in my home. 


Frozen in terror and my cellular device having died, my mind raced with possibilities as to the whereabouts of a torch or candle, but due to the lack of such an event happening I became aware such an item wouldn’t be easily accessible in my situation. 


On a pair of scales, my confidence would be heavily outweighed by the endless amounts on anxiety that flooded my veins, so to then evacuate the living room without any effective self-protection plus the ability to see anything but mere outlines, gave me the feeling as if a cocoon had freshly hatched within my stomach, releasing a butterfly with evil, devilish properties. 


The sliders I was wearing gave me both an advantage yet disadvantage; I could tread lightly, making little noise, but in the need to escape they would somewhat be a problem. Slowly creating a plan of action in my head, I edged closer and closer to the door, each footstep ramping up the beats per minute of my heartrate, the pulse of which pounding on my temples! 


I reached for the door, grasping the handle, gasping for breath. With one swift motion, I turned the handle, but the door protested against my force. It was locked! ‘How could this be?’ I thought to myself, but that question was swiftly answered by the creaking of floorboards, followed by a gentle yet haunting knock. A knock which echoed my unpleasant past. My heart pulsated in the walls of my chest. Was blood really thicker than water? 


I accepted my fate and took a step backwards as the key slowly turned. 


The demonic yet familiar look in his eyes haunted me once again; the last eyes I would ever see. All my suspicions were confirmed. 


“Brother…Brother, is that you?” I murmured. 


The last words to ever leave my lips.


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