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The unconquerable mountain


With a fervour we follow the hill path,
That leads us up, up and away,
We climb with a vigorous focus
To make higher inroads each day

We pass every landmark and signpost
Making notes on our journey's ascent
Not stopping to look back behind us,
Still pushing, still not quite content

When tiredness and fatigue pervades us,
We carry each other up hill
Looking only upwards and onwards
Ploughing sky high further still

Each stile we cross fades in the distance,
As our feet trudge this well trodden road
Seeking summits of success unyielding
As we struggle to carry our load

As we reach each peak new ones appearing
Like targets set high in the sky
That mean stopping is never an option, keep climbing, don't stop, you must try

To reach the unconquerable summit
And rest satisfied at its peak
To fail is to say you are worthless
To struggle to say you are weak

So we march to where air is like gold dust
Where our bodies are broken and bent
And our brains are a husk of exhaustion
Inspiration, motivation all spent

Yet still there's no spire in the distance
There's no bench upon which we can sit,
No end we can finally come to,
No place we can say "this is it"

This journey has taken our future,
Our past and our hopes and our dreams,
As we strove to accomplish our mission
So high up above though it seems

We climb up this mountain together
We struggled and still could not reach
The targets forever still moving
That will haunt you as long as you teach


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