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Time seems to freeze as bombs drop like ardent rainfall, ready to kiss the earth’s surface with their fiery passion. Death hunts like a shark through the black trenches, letting no life escape it’s icy grasp, searching with its contemptuous glare.

The skies are black with salt and ash. Battle cries from those with false hope extinguished swiftly, and surreptitiously as the fanfare of bullets, hailing from over the trenches, made it seem as if the bullets were lurking at the walls, pouncing on their prey as soon as they showed their awestruck expressions.
I grasp at my neck as I clutch at life. Blood seems to flood indiscriminately from each pore, each river intersecting and fleeing into the ocean of blood surrounding me. My mind drifts away in my unconscious ecstasy to the day it all began…

The sun shone brightly over our dinky cottage. “What are we having for dinner?“ I asked in a joyful tone.
“Food,“ replied my mother, with and irrepressible grin climbing from each cheek. The day passed quickly as the sun fell gracefully from the sky; night crept slowly around the horizon: a large knock at the door. Once opened, I found my father kneeling on the ground. His face was shaven with a rusty nail as stab wounds were branded across his body like a herd of cows. He choked his final breath as he collapsed onto the floor. The longer I stared, the more my father faded away, leaving only a pin cushioned husk on the front step.


I try to scream, but my voice is torn. The bombs seem to fall much faster now. As I drag my self over the trench the explosions begin to creep towards me, each one tainting the sky with more darkness until the sky becomes an icy void.

I wish for my final breath as the light begins to fade. The last thing I hear are the cries of children deafened by the tumult. Salt in the air has slaughtered the sun’s loving kiss. Darkness pours from the ground and restrains the Earth.

The void consumes all joy.

They are no more happy days.

There is only darkness.



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